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Creation of Invisible Values in Enterprises

The Motivation: factor 9 in EBIT We all know how different the productivity of teams can be. Tom DeMarco analyzed software development teams and identified teams who are a factor 3 more productive than average and teams who are a … Continue reading

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Carrier Processes for Cultural Change Management

The situation: You want to change the enterprise culture. Typical examples: from internal competition/silos to a cross-organizational cooperation culture; from a not-invented-here culture to a proudly-found-elsewhere culture (from pure internal innovation towards open innovation). The approach Some companies believe that … Continue reading

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TechnoWeb publications

Some people are asking me, where to get information about Siemens TechnoWeb (a Siemens-internal Social Media application for networking technology knowledge of Siemens employees): Here the collection of some sources: You can find a case study about TechnoWeb in the … Continue reading

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Management of Complexity

Some time ago I did some research about managing of complex systems. The results were published at the M.I.T. Europe Conference. Neverthless, I am convinced that there is some important aspect missing in this research. The research concentrated to collect … Continue reading

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Due Diligence of Enterprise Culture

If I like to buy another company (with mainly knowledge workers) I would be interested to know their¬†productivity factor of their¬†enterprise culture. I would pay more for a company with an enterprise culture which leads to a productivity of 200% … Continue reading

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Hello world!

In this blog I am posting research questions which are of interest for me. Feel free to comment them or to cite reasearch papers which are already dealing with this topic Best regards, Michael Heiss

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