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The Third Generation of Open Innovation Methods

In the industry we have now three generations of open innovation methods. They differ in the way, how they are enabled: either by people or by social media technology or by open industry platforms (or call it app stores) All three generations … Continue reading

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Open Innovation is the warm-up exercise for the working world of the future

Open Innovation stands for the conscious opening of organization borders for the innovation process. “Opening the borders”, however, frequently leads to reservations in established industrial companies: “Innovation is the most important factor for competition and safeguards the survival of my … Continue reading

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The Pitch: investors invest in stories

I read the book “Pitching Hacks” by a thin booklet with a lot of valuable insights how to get in contact with a venture capitalist (VC) via middlemen and how to setup a pitch. They are not talking about … Continue reading

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Innovation: reduce cycle-time of the built-measure-learn loop

My learnings/book review from: Eric Ries: “The Lean Startup” Penguin, London 2011. For me, one of the most fascinating books about innovation under conditions of extreme uncertainty. Every day you delay to read this book you risk to waste money. … Continue reading

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Separation of Business Stream and Knowledge Stream

Motivation The problem is familiar to many of us: you open the inbox of your email or your social media tool and see so many emails that you are not able to open and read all of them. Now you … Continue reading

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Value Steering of Social Media

Motivation If you are responsible for a social media application you want to be successful with your social media application but you have a limited infuence on the behavior of the users. What you can do is to decide about … Continue reading

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The Power of Undercover Innovation Projects

Motivation Recently I chaired a European innovation conference. The participants were mainly global players in the automotive industry, chemical industry, mechanical engineering  or electrical engineering industry. I asked all participants to tell me how one of their company’s most valuable … Continue reading

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Creation of Invisible Values in Enterprises

The Motivation: factor 9 in EBIT We all know how different the productivity of teams can be. Tom DeMarco analyzed software development teams and identified teams who are a factor 3 more productive than average and teams who are a … Continue reading

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Carrier Processes for Cultural Change Management

The situation: You want to change the enterprise culture. Typical examples: from internal competition/silos to a cross-organizational cooperation culture; from a not-invented-here culture to a proudly-found-elsewhere culture (from pure internal innovation towards open innovation). The approach Some companies believe that … Continue reading

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TechnoWeb publications

Some people are asking me, where to get information about Siemens TechnoWeb (a Siemens-internal Social Media application for networking technology knowledge of Siemens employees): Here the collection of some sources: You can find a case study about TechnoWeb in the … Continue reading

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